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主理Minister in Charge :
吴庆明牧师 Rev KM Ngu
电邮 Email: tianen@mcpng.org

吴庆明牧师于1997年毕业于新加坡三一神学院,获得高级神学证书后就前往马来西亚神学院攻读道学学士学位,1999年毕业。2000-2006年她在砂拉越泗里街的广恩堂任职。 2007年她在新加坡三一神学院完成了她的教牧硕士学位。

她于2008年来到巴新,并在巴新卫理天恩堂任职。 她热衷于巴新华社的事工以及当地人的怜悯之工。

巴新卫理宣教议会(MCPNG)于2018年成立,吴庆明牧师 当选为宣教议会的第一任监理。

After graduating from Trinity Theological College, Singapore in 1997 with an Advance Certificate of Theology, Rev KM Ngu went to Seminary Theology Malaysia to study her Bachelor of Divinity. Following her graduation in 1999, she served in Kwang Eng Methodist Church, Sarikei, Sarawak from 2000-2006. She completed her Master of Ministry at Trinity Theological College, Singapore in 2007.

She came to PNG in 2008 and serve at the Methodist Church in PNG. She is passionate about the ministry amongst the Chinese speaking community in PNG and the ministry of social concern amongst the local Papua New Guineans.

Methodist Church in PNG (MCPNG) Mission Conference was inaugurated in 2018 and she was elected as the first Superintendent for the Conference.

副理江邦基牧师在1987年蒙召,1991年接受神学装备。1995年毕业于马来西亚神学院 (STM)。1996年开始接受砂劳越卫理公会华人年议会委派,牧羊教会。2001年被按立为长牧。2007年于诗巫卫理神学院获得教牧硕士学位。

至今 (2020年)牧羊教会25年,担任过年会教区长,走过7间教会。


Assistant Minister-In-Charge Rev James Kong received divine calling in 1987, and equipped with theological training since 1991. After graduating from Malaysian Theological Seminary (STM) in 1995, he began to accept the appointment of the Sarawak Methodist Chinese Annual Council to various other churches since 1996. He was ordained as senior pastor in 2001. Later on, he received master degree in pastoral ministry from Sibu Methodist Theological Seminary in 2007.

Till now, he has been pastoring churches for 25 years, served as the diocese for annual meeting and walked through 7 churches.

Rev James Kong is married with Rev Ngu King Chee. Both his children, son (Jeremiah Kong) and daughter (Fanny Kong) has grown up.


2020年, 她来到PNG教会服事。目前她正在修读[家庭与辅导事工硕士]课程。

After graduating from the Malaysian Theological Seminary (STM) in 1994 with a bachelor degree in theology, Associate Minister-In-Charge Rev KC Ngu served in the Sarawak Methodist Church from 1995 to 2019.

She came to serve in PNG since 2020, and is currently studying Master of Family and Counseling Ministry course.



Administrative Teams 行政团队

行政主任 余俐璟 来自砂拉越古晋。



Administrative Anthony Yii Lee Kim from Kuching Sarawak.

He is still doing his study for the ‘Local Preacher’ course offered by Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference in Kuching.

事工干事 杨铭进于2013毕业于澳洲斯威本科技大学,获得理学学士学位(电脑与软件工程专业)。自2013年起他就拥有国际软件测试鉴定委员会(ISTQB) 属下的马来西亚软件测试委员会(MSTB)认证的测试员基础级别(CTFL)和需求工程基础级别(CPRE-FL)认证专业人员。自2006年起他就持有由皇家音乐学院联合委员会(ABRSM)认证的8年级钢琴 。



Ministry Director Henry Yong graduated from the Swinburne University of Technology with Bachelor of Science Degree (Major in Computer Science and Software Engineering) in 2013. He held a Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL since 2013) and a Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE-FL since 2015) from Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). He also held a Grade 8 Piano certified by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) since 2006.

He left his career as a software tester for an IT company in Malaysia since 2016 and graduated from Methodist Theological School, Sarawak with Intensive Short-Term Missionary Course in 2018.

Henry came to PNG in 2013 and he is married to Lydia Ting. He is passionate about music and youth ministry.

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